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Investing In Real Estate Or Stock Market: Which One Is Better?

To enjoy a relaxing post-retirement life, it is always advisable to invest in different asset classes. It can be mutual funds, gold, the stock market or real estate. While every platform plays a crucial role in monetary growth, the majority of individuals prefer to invest in real estate or the stock market, seeing their benefits and ROI.

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Tips To Conduct Background Check Of Landlord

Every residential structure is not just a property but it is a home for most of us. However, the job opportunities today push many professionals to live away from home and thus the person turns into a tenant. This scenario begins with the search for a rental property and thus we let you know the basic tips to conduct a background check of the la..

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Explained: How Airports Are Changing Dynamics Of Tier II And III Cities

The dynamics of home buying in India have transformed a lot and thus the demand and budget of property investors has also shifted the gear. This change in the equation is based on the developing and proposed infrastructural facilities in the adjoining areas of major cities. In fact, out of many, one primary infrastructural development is the air..

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Steps To Find Ancestral Property Details In India

Having an ancestral property and owning the same are two different things and a person must understand this. In fact, almost everyone amongst us knows the importance of property documents and thus you must have the papers of ancestral property to claim it. So, this blog post lets you know the steps to find details of ancestral property in India...

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Things To Consider For Investing In Co-Living Spaces For Rental Income

Buying a property is, of course, a big deal and thus every investor thinks twice before sealing a deal. Today, the Indian property market offers properties in various other categories apart from the residential and commercial segments. So, if you are also planning to invest in the Indian real estate market then check out the co-living spaces to ..

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