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Investors Clinic honours AMBULANCE COUPLE by awarding a Flat

Investors Clinic (IC), a renowned real estate consultancy firm, ran a month-long campaign called Flat 983 on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM to find and recognise a COVID Warrior who has selflessly and diligently served society in these extraordinary times. Himanshu and Twinkle Kalia of Delhi, winners of FLAT 983 for providing free ambulance services to CO..

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Gen Z (Generation zoomers) or succeeding Millennials, the youngest most ethnically diverse generation.

Generation–z grew up with technology, internet & the social media. While few younger people are passionate about real estate investing, the majority of this generation thinks it is better to go for rentals or any other way around than investing in a property to gain more experience, but the truth is they lack organic “R..

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India’s Real Estate Industry Emerging Technological Trends

Real estate has always been an industry dependent on technological development whether you are a real estate agent looking to sell more homes, a landlord looking to get more tenants or a prospective homeowner looking for your first real house, new technology shaping the real estate industry will affect your life significant..

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Technology helps us to be Today Forward, Future Back

The last two years have changed the way the real estate market operates, as the pandemic worsened, the need for technological advancement in the real estate sector was crucial. The pandemic steered this transformation and for a sector like real estate which has been traditionally slow to adapt to technology, to be "Today Forward, Future Back” ..

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Key Benefits Of Owning A Compact Home

The young professionals have to move out of their homes due to job purpose and the opportunities to excel in a career almost close the doors to get back to roots. Hence, the young homebuyers these days prefer to buy a compact home as they have to manage living in an unknown city to move ahead in life. But, still, there is a debate going on about..

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