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Know The Future Investment Destinations In India

Not only the local citizens but the Non-Resident Indians [NRIs] also prefer to make property investment in India and the continuously growing infrastructure on the outskirts of tier I cities is the primary reason behind this. But, not only the metro cities are offering the best property investment deals but the tier..

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Know The Most Expensive Indian Cities To Buy Property

The luxury housing segment attracts everyone including the NRIs, HNIs and even the common man whose desires to buy an affordable home. Interestingly, the uber amenities and the beautiful landscape views offered at one place makes the prospects experience a high-end lifestyle. But, the bad air quality, vehicular-congestion and clumsy localities a..

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Know The Pros And Cons Of Glass Roofing

Glass roofing is an ideal way to make a home look stylish but the same comes with various pros and cons. But, don’t worry as in this blog we offer a sheer understanding of the concept, advantages and disadvantages of having glass roofing at your place. So, scroll down the post and go through it before changing the mind and the home décor.


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Know What Is Succession Certificate And Its Importance

    There are certain certificates related to the property which you must be aware of and a succession certificate is one amongst them. Interestingly, this word points towards successor and thus you should have the legal document named succession certificate. So, go through this blog and know everything about the same.

1. What is a..

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Know What Is LAND BANKING And Its Concept In Indian Real Estate

Many investors overlook the benefit of land investment and put money in either a residential or a commercial project. But, land banking is an evergreen real estate investment in India as the continuous development in infrastructure increases land cost and thus a person can yield a better return on investment via owning a land parcel. However, in..

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