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LED Lights: An Energy-Saver Home Décor Idea

To promote energy conservation, the government has been continuously encouraging people to switch to LED lights. Not only, they act as energy savers but their sleek and unique design easily fits into any kind of interior and thus adds a soothing ambiance to the whole place. Here are a few tips through which you can decorate various parts of your home with LED lights.

Living Room : The living room is one of the most important parts of your home. It falls just after the entrance and the families spend most of their time here only. So, to enlighten the living room, the foremost important point is the right furniture placement. Once you are done with this, look for the position of the lights to enhance the look and design of the furniture. You can use LED Floor lamps, chandeliers, ceiling lights to add warmth and coziness to the living space.

Bedroom : The bedroom is another important place where the family members relax after their hectic day at work. So, to enhance your personal space add fancy lighting to spruce up the visual ambiance of the room. These days the market is full of various unique and decorative lights exclusively for the bedroom. You can position it behind the headboard, in the ceilings, on the textured wall or any other corner.

Kitchen : Kitchen is another essential part of the home where effective lighting is a must. The lights must be positioned that it can even illuminate the dark places and corners. For example, under-cabinet lights, LED tube lights or cabinet down-lights can provide the best shadow-free light for the counter tops. You can also add pendant lights for creating an accent style and ambiance.

Bathroom : The bathroom is another personal space which is used by us to get ready for office, party or any other function. A bathroom has many areas where perfect lighting is a must. A vanity corner, washbasin, Jacuzzi or bathtub must be brimmed with wall mounted-LED lighting fixtures to highlight their essentials. Add cove lighting to enhance the overall look of the bathroom. Explore the market and you will get a variety of LED light fixtures for your bathroom.

Terrace : The terrace area is another place where families spends their evenings and relax & rejuvenate. So, illuminating it properly with decorative and fancy terrace lighting will create a cozy place in the outdoor area of your home.

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