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Know The Future Investment Destinations In India

Not only the local citizens but the Non-Resident Indians [NRIs] also prefer to make property investment in India and the continuously growing infrastructure on the outskirts of tier I cities is the primary reason behind this. But, not only the metro cities are offering the best property investment deals but the tier II cities also have ideal investment opportunities. Thus, the investors must know about these future investment destinations in India. So, go through the entire blog and find out the same now.

1. Expert Speak

The industry experts feel that the growing infrastructure mainly the transportation mode is the prime reason behind the emergence of new investment destinations in the country. Apart from this, the availability of better healthcare centres, reputed educational institutions and social gathering centers such as community centre and more make the tenants feel like to make a property purchase in India.

2. Jaipur-Ajmer Expressway

Proposed a decade ago, this expressway is only 6Kms away from Jaipur, the pink city. In the tenure of 10 years, several plots have been cultivated along this expressway. This area is expected to cater both residential and commercial property requirements in the coming future as various MNCs [Multi-national companies] are venturing into the Jaipur property market and thus the job opportunities for the locals are expected to rise. However, currently there not many projects lined up for development and this is because the young professionals of the city migrate to tier I cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru for better job opportunities. But, Jaipur is predicted to be the center of HR [Human Resource] sector and thus huge job openings are on the way for locals here is going to boost property prices.

3. Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Project

Majorly known as the DMIC project, this route is 1,483 km long and passes through multiple cities of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra. The developers and realtors across these regions have already understood the potential of these localities and thus many amongst them have started investing here. The areas alongside DMIC will cater to the need of both housing and better jobs. Thus, the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial project is one of the future investment destinations in India.

4. Devanahalli in Bengaluru

This locality is close to the Bengaluru Airport however the realtors are yet to take a dig here. But, the infrastructural development in this area will attract the developers/builders in Devanahalli as it will bring this locality closer to the city center where most of the offices are situated. The high speed of residential and commercial expansion in this IT city will make the property buyers, investors and realtors to invest here.

5. Conclusion

There are various localities between tier I and II cities that will have smart and better housing and commercial projects. Thus, eye on these future investment destinations in India and be ready to yield better capital appreciation.

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