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Home Buyers: Check if the Property has a Vastu-Dosh before Buying

Are you planning to buy a home? Then the realtors around you must be showcasing various properties according to the budget. But, you have other things in mind too such as locality, security and distance from the workplace.

Well, these are important things one needs to consider before purchasing the property. But there is another thing which no aspiring home buyer should miss while buying property and that is Vastu-comply home. Yes, people nowadays take preventive measures to keep positivity at home and thus one should make sure to identify Vastu-dosh prior finalizing a home deal.

Here are the things you should know in order to rectify a Vastu-dosh at home.

Say no for buying a home that has an entrance from South-West direction. Yes, make sure the property you are buying is not facing in this direction as it restricts the entry of happiness and success in a home.

Try not to buy property with slit Corners. The slit corners diminish the positive vibes and break the path of prosperity that’s coming into your home. So, make sure you buy property that has all the corners standing perfectly.

The staircase should start in a clockwise manner. The entry to a staircase set in an anti-clockwise direction possesses to be a Vastu-dosh which you must take notice of while buying a home.

The South-West direction is the right place for a kitchen. One must ensure that your cooking station is not designed in the north-east direction.

Also, the master bedroom should face towards South-West direction. This helps in indulging in peaceful sleep as it relaxes the mind by letting the positive vibes flow in the atmosphere all the time.

Say no to Vastu-dosh by checking if the washroom is in North-West direction only. The direction of a washroom plays an important role in making a family happy or sad as the place is said to have more of negative energy than the positive ones.

Ways to Rectify Vastu-Dosh in Property

In case you come to know about Vastu-dosh after finalizing the deal then you still have a chance to rectify it by reconstructing the particular portion. Also, make sure to paint the area with color which is suitable for you as per the Vastu Shastra.

Another way to correct Vastu-dosh is by including the traditional ways of decorating home such as placing of mirrors, pyramids and good luck signs at the entry gate.

Thirdly, bring in the curved-shaped furniture and remove the sharp-edged furniture from the home to bring peace and harmony.

Fourthly, make sure that the divine room or the puja ghar is placed in a right direction. North-east is the perfect direction for keeping the divine forces active at home.

Changing of flooring tiles as installing black color at home is not believed to be good as per the Vastu Shastra.

Keep these things in mind and give a second thought to the details of a property before purchasing it. These tips are helpful and prove beneficial in long-term as a home buying is not something that you can plan every second month.

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