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Gen Z (Generation zoomers) or succeeding Millennials, the youngest most ethnically diverse generation.

Generation–z grew up with technology, internet & the social media. While few younger people are passionate about real estate investing, the majority of this generation thinks it is better to go for rentals or any other way around than investing in a property to gain more experience, but the truth is they lack organic “Real estate” knowledge.

When saved money/ emergency funds were shattered by the pandemic, the younger people were seen weathering the storm over and over which resulted in money eventually coming in to them from different places.

Gen z is more involved in expanding the economy than any other predecessor. Therefore, they are more likely to have multiple sources of income that they can use to buy new homes in future.


Buying a home neither is a ticket to riches or any middle class. It is a lifetime investment made by every other person, mostly millennials. For building wealth it is the best tool or else the alternative is always renting.


Valuable advice of Real Estate to Gen Z:-


Ø  Real estate sector is one of the most recognized sector globally, its growth is more complemented than the corporate sector’s growth.

Ø  Real estate sector is the second highest sector in employment generation in India.


So, Gen z isn’t it time you go on top of your housing situation?

Following are the easiest ways for Gen Z to gain knowledge about the Real Estate Industry:-

Ø  The majority of the upcoming generation falls under renters when talking about their feelings of home ownership. Bunch of the youngest adults are self-confident, optimistic in terms of realizing the importance/need of home ownership.

Ø  We are seeing the real estate industry emerging technological trends, which is pleasing to the upcoming Gen Z.

Ø  Earlier people used to go for jobs located near them thus, having limited options of house/apartments/flats etc. Now days the generation gets to work easily from anywhere around the world specially post pandemic also the transport facility has changed with time which has led to the wider range of options in real estate almost around every place.

Ø  Prioritizing to educate Gen Z about the real estate industry and telling them how it is better to investing in real estate than to invest in crypto currency or mutual funds.

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