Simple And Handy Tips To Personalise Rented Home

Living in a rental home offers lots of flexibility to the tenants like less maintenance cost and freedom to move out as per your requirements. But, one thing that misses and often considered as a disadvantage is to decorate it as per your needs due to which a rental home fails to give a perfect home feeling to most of the tenants.

While you can decorate the interiors and outdoors of your owned home accordingly, a rental home mostly comes with unattractive colour paints as well as outdated furniture and fixtures.

But wait! Here’s good news for the tenants. By spending less money, now you can also personalize your rented home to give it a home-like feeling. Today, there is plethora of option available in the market that can easily give a makeover to your dull rental home. Want to check out how? Scroll down and know:

Designer Walls with Removable Wallpapers : Removable wallpapers are a perfect way to get rid of the original white or yellow colour walls. These days market is full of removable wallpapers that instantaneously change the look of the boring walls without destroying the original wall. You can remove it easily while shifting to a new home.

Add Shelves to increase Floor Space : One of the most important issues with the rental home is limited floor space. If you are living with family members, then you must have lots of furniture and other home accessories to store. Having a limited storage space makes your rental home cluttered. So, to increase the storage space, you can go for floating shelves. Such shelves mostly stick on the wall, saving the floor space and at the same time increasing the storage space, thereby making the home clutter-free.

Lit up with Modern Light Fixtures : If you have decided to live in your rental home for a longer period, then you can also change the lighting fixtures. These days a lot of cost-saving yet elegant modern lighting fixtures like pendant lights and outdoor wall lights are available in the market. These lights not only change the overall look of the rental home but also spruce up your mood with warmth.

Creativity with the Windows : Windows are common to almost all homes. So, why left them bare. You can personalize them by adding designer curtains or keeping throw pillows to make them your personal space. You can also add plants or succulents to make the window space look natural and green.

Create a Gallery Wall : We all add pictures on various walls to create memories. So, how about creating an accent or a gallery wall with lots of picture adorned by beautiful frames? The picture wall not only crafts memories but is also easily removable. Take these memories with you whenever you shift to a new rented home.